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"An INFORMATIONWEEK study shows that 89% of organizations are satisfied with their progress towards transforming their business models from traditional to e-commerce"

There are various ways you can use your e-commerce website

  1. Product catalog and Online buying
    Online - information online websites were used in 1 st phase of e-commerce. Then started current phase of direct online selling and came in payment gateways, and security issues. But this surely saves time, money and gives better customer service by elimination people to call you. A fully functional 24 hour Shoppe!
  2. Purchase Orders/Online Order entry form
    According to ECA study online 5-10% of organizations are actually doing e-commerce based purchasing in B2B. A fully functional store can solve all your practical problems, reduce purchase timing, and can back you up with a website that really links to your manufacturers and final customers.
  3. Logistics control
    You can increase accuracy, throughput and cost efficiencies by managing product right from a ware house/ manufacturer to its final destination.
  4. Customer service
    You can have better use of data, and deliver high level of customer service; it also helps reduce response time.

Some experts say that ecommerce is cheap, easy and where as some say that its too expensive and security isn't as good as it should be.

In our opinion it is balance of both, it can offer many benefits to any organization, its customers and its suppliers but it is important to understand the realities of ecommerce before starting.

  • A well planned project should be prepared and ROI metrics should be created and calibrated carefully before starting.
  • It is very important to set realist payback expectations before you start making a plan.
  • Hire in-house staff or consultants that are highly experience for proper implementation.


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